Quality over Quantity CBD, LLC


Who Am I?

CEO/ Founder of Quality over Quantity CBD, Brayan Valencia, For 15 years I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to childhood experiences that were uncontrollable at the time. Until Fall of 2018, I was diagnosed and given access to the Medical Marijuana Program for the State of Connecticut; Through thorough research I was able to find Cannabidiol to work in ways, doctor prescribed medication didn't. On a Day-to-Day basis I use CBD Pain Cream for my healing Left Shoulder to decompress the stinging sensation and smoke CBD Flower to ease my over-thinking thought process. My favorite product we offer is our CBD Tinctures, because I can mix it with any Liquid or Solid Based items; when I don't feel like smoking. 

What Is Quality over Quantity CBD?

We are the First Mexican Owned Cannabis company in Connecticut.

 Why Quality over Quantity CBD? 

Having access already to Cannabis Marijuana on a legal form, allowed me to come up with the idea to help those who didn't. Thus, started the journey to find High Percentage Cannabis Hemp Organically Grown. We choose high percentile CBD, because We believe the higher the potency, the more relaxation a person will undergo. 

Where Are You Located?

We are Based out of Hamden, Connecticut.  

What is your Goal/ Mission?

Our Main Brand Local Market solely focuses on Retail Locations like Smoke/ Vape Shops and Gas Stations.

The Goal/ Mission is to be in every City/ Town in Connecticut.

Do You Ship?

Yes, We Ship all over the United States.

Who Ships?

All Products come from us.